Monday, March 2, 2009



I just want to apologize to my Master because I was supposed to do this entry yesterday morning after I was unwrapped but got carried away with friends and made the wrong priorities.

On friday morning I was wrapped up by my roommate after I told her about my little secret! It was really embarrassing and I was really nervous but it had to be done, and I'm glad I did. We started by wrapping my body is saran wrap with my arms folded behind my back, blindfolded, and earplugged and only my mouth and nose uncovered. We went over it with tape and my roommate (I'll say her name is Jamie) poured itching powder all over my boobs before they were sealed away! :( 

When my vision was taken away, I was on my roommates floor and a couple minutes later I had my ballgag stuffed in my mouth and was left to breath out of my nose for a while. It was really tough not having any senses to go off and a while after I was gagged I felt a ruler or something crash down on my ass which really hurt! I was beaten for a while and by the time it was over, my butt was already in quite a bit of pain. Master must have told her to beat me some!

I was bound there forever it seemed before the vibrator finally got me off! My orgasm was AMAZING and i screamed into my gag and writhed around for a minute before catching my breath and setling back down. The ballgag was frustratingly keeping me very silent and it was tough not being able to do anything but smell. Every once in a while I'd get a few hard smacks on my butt or I'd be rolled over and my boobs would be smacked. I could usually tell if I was alone or if Jamie had left by whether i could feel footsteps or not.

I ended up cumming several times and peed 3 times while I was inclosed, usually when I came I couldn't stop myself from peeing which was horrible because I had to lay in my own urine and cum for hours. The itching powder on my boobs was the most frustrating part without doubt! I was squirming non stop for like the first couple hours I'd guess and was eventually smacked for being distracting. Not being able to move really at all was frustrating and the powder was driving me nuts! Thankfully it wore off later on otherwise I probably would have kept Jamie up all night! :P

Overall it was a crazy 24 hours and I loved being mummified although at times it was hellish.

UPDATE I had this pasted last night, but couldn't get it posted so this is even later now! :( I'm so sorry Master.


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