Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pfffft...I didn't miss any updates!

Ok, I did. :P Bad slutty, I know.

Since I have an awesome Master, I'm allowed to post again every second night once I do tonight's and tomorrow's updates.

My punishments for the missed updates; however, were not so awesome.

First one being that tomorrow will be spent with a toothpasty buttplug..and it must be reapplied every 6 hours. :(

Secondny, I got to have 3 ice cubes in my butt while Master and I chatted, more good times! :P

The second day I will keep 30 (!!) tacks in my boobs all day, 5 making a circle around each nip. I'll also have 40 on each ass cheek to sit on all day! I'm particularly happy that Master thinks I have a fat assssss. :O

The third day I have to fuck my ass with my vibe 5 times for 5 minutes and keep it in (and turned off in) my pussy all day..

After we went over that, Master had me put 10 tacks in each boob, rope them, and left weights hanging from each! I hadn't been used at all for a couple days and this reallly hurt! Then powder was put on my soles, boobs, and in my butt. I wasn't given permission to itch until I retrieved 5 dog toys I had thrown around the room. My hands were handcuffed in front of me and my vibe was in my butt on high, which felt really long after having my buttplug in for a few days lol. Cumming was off limits.

After a few minutes, I was allowed to fetch but I had scratched my boobs and soles (it was impossible not to!)..so I got 200 lashes to each boob after I played fetch with myself. ;) After I finished fetching and my boobs were thoroughly tortured, the vibe was taken out and I never got to cum. :(

Master had me write "25 (cent sign lol)" above my pussy and " $1" above my butt, then "Here to serve. Use me as you will" on my tum tum.

Slutty :D


  1. Well these definitely aren't regular updates again are they?

    I think a punishment from your Master is in order.

  2. When you do stuff like this, it almost seems like you're not even trying to please your master.

  3. hey how was the toothpase covered plug?

  4. I think your master should give you a really bad punishment since you have not updated since march 09 im going to pm him over at getdare now ha :)

  5. ¢ there you go ^^ you can copy paste it sounds like you had a good week

  6. i know your last update was i while ago but i just want to say thank you because your blog has saved mine and my masters relationship your blog is just waht we needed myu master knew we were drifting apart and he told me rto try this kind of thing i wasnt very good at it at first but your blog was inspireing if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be with my amazing master thank you so much