Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 8th/9th

Wow, I'm sorry!

I've been wallowing in a semi deep pile of midterm poo the past couple days. It's been a blast.

I swear blogger has it out for me, I actually was going to blog on time last night but I lost my entire post, and it was late and I had classes early today so I didn't redo it. Sorry, Master!

Mistress has given me a lot of leeway the past two days. She's been gone almost all the time, but I've followed my rules when she's gone. It's been great being able to have a normal meal! Anyways, she's been fine with me just doing work a lot and I've been busy studying at school and stuff tooo. The first update I missed was the night before a midterm and I lost track of time studying all day. Mistress punished me a little the next day by leaving my boobs tied tight most of the day but she said she couldn't really get into punishing me properly.

I just sat on the floor doing work most of the day and studying when I was in my room, which was rare. I've followed all my rules and hopefully can talk to Master before he goes to bed tonight.


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