Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 5th

I did my 500 lashes when I woke up this morning and my ass is toast. The fuckings have been really bad too...not fun at all. Thankfully, my drool cereal was delicious as always! ;)

Master and I started talking around 3 today which is pretty early for us. We got talking about fantasies and I'm amazed at his creativity. He thought up a couple fantasies that fit mine perfectly, I'm lucky. :)

I asked to get food during the afternoon and took longer than allowed so I had 10 icecubes in my pussy for a while, which was HORRIBLE! Worst punishment ever.

After that I was tied up by my roommate as a shelf, based on a fantasy I had divulged earlier. I was in my highest heels with my legs bound together against a wall and saran wrapped around the knees and ankles. My arms were out so I was shaped like a T and the were saran wrapped and taped as well. In my hands and mouth were 5 and 3 lb weights and my boobs were tied with excess rope on the sides held down by more 5 lb weights lol. It was really painful. I also had 10 tacks in each boob and a clothespin on each nipple. My boobs and stomach were also left unwrapped. My ears were plugged and of course itching powder was spread on my boobs.

Every little while, my roomie would come into my room and beat my thighs/stomach/boobs with a metal ruler which had me dropping my weight a couple times because I opened my mouth to scream. The pain was really bad especially in my boobs! Later on 10 clothespins were added to each boob and my mouth weight was removed to make way for my mayo coated penis gag. :S

I was eventually released but that's when the big news came lol. My roommate and Master decided that my roomie could be my Mistress and control me at home when my Master isn't online. Master told her she has a lot of control so she's allowed to make me do pretty much anything whether that be a footstool, maid service, a beating, etc. She's not going to be really hardcore I don't think but I'll still be kept busy I think. Master and her were talking and he had me sit by her feet and refer to her as Mistress, which felt really weird! But anyways, my one rule of always being caged when Master is not using me has been changed now because my Mistress will be using me or having me do something. Obviously, Master still is my true owner but my Mistress will also be controlling me a lot now too. I'm really being turned into a slave/object at this point, it feels great constantly being on my knees and working to please and humiliate myself. Plus it's nice not to have to hide this part of my life from my new Mistress. I love being a slave. :)


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