Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pfffft...I didn't miss any updates!

Ok, I did. :P Bad slutty, I know.

Since I have an awesome Master, I'm allowed to post again every second night once I do tonight's and tomorrow's updates.

My punishments for the missed updates; however, were not so awesome.

First one being that tomorrow will be spent with a toothpasty buttplug..and it must be reapplied every 6 hours. :(

Secondny, I got to have 3 ice cubes in my butt while Master and I chatted, more good times! :P

The second day I will keep 30 (!!) tacks in my boobs all day, 5 making a circle around each nip. I'll also have 40 on each ass cheek to sit on all day! I'm particularly happy that Master thinks I have a fat assssss. :O

The third day I have to fuck my ass with my vibe 5 times for 5 minutes and keep it in (and turned off in) my pussy all day..

After we went over that, Master had me put 10 tacks in each boob, rope them, and left weights hanging from each! I hadn't been used at all for a couple days and this reallly hurt! Then powder was put on my soles, boobs, and in my butt. I wasn't given permission to itch until I retrieved 5 dog toys I had thrown around the room. My hands were handcuffed in front of me and my vibe was in my butt on high, which felt really long after having my buttplug in for a few days lol. Cumming was off limits.

After a few minutes, I was allowed to fetch but I had scratched my boobs and soles (it was impossible not to!)..so I got 200 lashes to each boob after I played fetch with myself. ;) After I finished fetching and my boobs were thoroughly tortured, the vibe was taken out and I never got to cum. :(

Master had me write "25 (cent sign lol)" above my pussy and " $1" above my butt, then "Here to serve. Use me as you will" on my tum tum.

Slutty :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

March 12th


Nothing exciting here. I didn't talk to Master again. :( I'm finally getting through midterms so that's a plus. The next updates are going to be more exciting! :D


Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 11th

Well, I never said it would get exciting right away did I?

Yea, today wasn't very exciting. :( Unfortunately, didn't talk to Master and basically just did more work. I'm pretty stressed out right now. :S Mistress has given me some leeway to help me out, which was great and I'm still very thankful that Master have my butt a break from the beatings.

I need to talk to Master :)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 10th

Today wasn't overly exciting.

I did a bit of studying, did the dishes for Mistress, and got to "sweep" the floor again. Doing dishes was actually quite a bit of fun, as I was allowed to get off my knees.

Really....this is the worst update ever. Next time....I swear to you, it will be more exciting. TRUST ME.

And thank you for reading!!! Master and I appreciate it.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 8th/9th

Wow, I'm sorry!

I've been wallowing in a semi deep pile of midterm poo the past couple days. It's been a blast.

I swear blogger has it out for me, I actually was going to blog on time last night but I lost my entire post, and it was late and I had classes early today so I didn't redo it. Sorry, Master!

Mistress has given me a lot of leeway the past two days. She's been gone almost all the time, but I've followed my rules when she's gone. It's been great being able to have a normal meal! Anyways, she's been fine with me just doing work a lot and I've been busy studying at school and stuff tooo. The first update I missed was the night before a midterm and I lost track of time studying all day. Mistress punished me a little the next day by leaving my boobs tied tight most of the day but she said she couldn't really get into punishing me properly.

I just sat on the floor doing work most of the day and studying when I was in my room, which was rare. I've followed all my rules and hopefully can talk to Master before he goes to bed tonight.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 6th


Mistress used me some today. I was left as a footstool for a few hours under Master's orders and had to scrub the floor with a brush in my mouth while handcuffed. :P It was fun but really humiliating!

Master and I talked late last night and he decided to give me a break on the ass beatings :) I was happy over that, because they are ridiculously painful at this point. The trade off of it though is that I must wear itching powder in my bra and underwear when I'm outside my dorm, although I am allowed to scratch. The problem is that I can only scratch my crotch when standing so if I'm in class I have to stand up to itch. :( It really sucks, I'm going to make a fool out of myself.

We're also continuing with the whole trial of complete control for another week. Before I went to bed Master had me squish my boobs with 2 stick and hold each end tight together with elastic bands! It's been a fantasy of mine for a while and I enjoyed, even though it was painful. Master was also going to have me gagged overnight for the first time with a wooden spoon pushed into my teeth and elastic bands stretched from each end around my head but I started feeling horrible and Master let me release my boobs and sleep ungagged in his bed! :)

I felt a lot better in the morning so thank you Master!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 5th

I did my 500 lashes when I woke up this morning and my ass is toast. The fuckings have been really bad too...not fun at all. Thankfully, my drool cereal was delicious as always! ;)

Master and I started talking around 3 today which is pretty early for us. We got talking about fantasies and I'm amazed at his creativity. He thought up a couple fantasies that fit mine perfectly, I'm lucky. :)

I asked to get food during the afternoon and took longer than allowed so I had 10 icecubes in my pussy for a while, which was HORRIBLE! Worst punishment ever.

After that I was tied up by my roommate as a shelf, based on a fantasy I had divulged earlier. I was in my highest heels with my legs bound together against a wall and saran wrapped around the knees and ankles. My arms were out so I was shaped like a T and the were saran wrapped and taped as well. In my hands and mouth were 5 and 3 lb weights and my boobs were tied with excess rope on the sides held down by more 5 lb weights lol. It was really painful. I also had 10 tacks in each boob and a clothespin on each nipple. My boobs and stomach were also left unwrapped. My ears were plugged and of course itching powder was spread on my boobs.

Every little while, my roomie would come into my room and beat my thighs/stomach/boobs with a metal ruler which had me dropping my weight a couple times because I opened my mouth to scream. The pain was really bad especially in my boobs! Later on 10 clothespins were added to each boob and my mouth weight was removed to make way for my mayo coated penis gag. :S

I was eventually released but that's when the big news came lol. My roommate and Master decided that my roomie could be my Mistress and control me at home when my Master isn't online. Master told her she has a lot of control so she's allowed to make me do pretty much anything whether that be a footstool, maid service, a beating, etc. She's not going to be really hardcore I don't think but I'll still be kept busy I think. Master and her were talking and he had me sit by her feet and refer to her as Mistress, which felt really weird! But anyways, my one rule of always being caged when Master is not using me has been changed now because my Mistress will be using me or having me do something. Obviously, Master still is my true owner but my Mistress will also be controlling me a lot now too. I'm really being turned into a slave/object at this point, it feels great constantly being on my knees and working to please and humiliate myself. Plus it's nice not to have to hide this part of my life from my new Mistress. I love being a slave. :)