Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ampin' it up!

Hey boys and girls,

Master and talked yesterday about my mummification and about the possibility of me not having walking, clothing, and furniture priviledges in my entire rez room now that my roomie knows, so that I would constantly be humiliated and have no chance to be normal until I left my room. She wasn't sure if she was comfortable with that so we'll have to see.

I showed Master this slave mantra yesterday, that really interested me and I thought it summed up my loves in this lifestyle well even though its pretty extreme. Here it is!

This whore is worthless, not fit to be anything but a toy for pain and humiliation from it's Owner. It deserves to be hurt, to be marked, to be abused. this slut belongs completely to it's Owner. It has no choice, no voice, nothing unless He deems appropriate for it to have it. This pig is a nasty, dirty, worthless piece of meat, that deserves not even a name, it is purely an object for it's Owner's amusement. It deserves to be whipped, beaten, raped, humiliated, pierced, cut, caned, whatever Master deems it worthy of. It doesn't deserve to be a 'female' when in it's Owner's presence. It was made to suffer, meant to suffer, and shall only suffer through it's existence as enslaved meat. It is pathetic, it doesn't deserve to walk on two feet, to wear clothes, it only deserves to be treated as the animal it is, and kept in constant agony to remind it of it's worthlessness. It deserves nothing that it's Owner doesn't allow it, it deserves to have every single moment of it's pathetic life to be controlled by Another. By it's Master and Owner. it lives, breaths, pisses, shits, exists.. purely because it's Owner finds it amusing, and allows it to.

Like I said, it's hardcore but I showed it to Master and so we're going to try to move in that direction. At first I wanted to try that all the time but Master was telling me that I'd have no limits and he would control me almost completely. So we're going a 3-4 day trial of it to see how it goes. Because of that, Master added a few new rules on top of the existing ones.

1. I do NOTHING without permission. I'm allowed to go to class, do homework, eat sleep, and use the washroom without it other than that I remain caged logged in to msn awaiting any instructions or to ask permission. I have to ask for permission to make plans ahead of time.

2. I am to give Master my class schedule and any required meetings or plans.

3. If Master is online and we're talking I must ask to do ANYTHING. I can't say brb and leave, I need permission to do anything.

4. 500 lashes to each ass cheek in the morning as soon as I wake up, followed by a 5 minute nonstop ass fucking with my plug. The fucking must be repeated 5 times a day and I must do another 500 lashes before I go to sleep.

5. I must cover each nipple in toothpaste each morning and reapply it every 6 hours until I go to sleep.

6. I must blog everyday. If I fail to do so, I must live with a toothpaste coated plug the following day.

7. I will edge with my vibe 10 times a day, and never cum unless granted permission by Master. I must get as close as I can and then stop right away. 3 of the edges have to be in public, even if it's a public washroom.

My buttplug now is staying in my butt permanently, only coming out to torture my ass. :( I'm getting more used to it so its not as bad now but it still makes me quite sore and is really uncomfortable.

Master was about to start abusing my boobs when I disrespected him by forgetting to call him Master and punished with having my boobs roped tight and 200 hits with a wooden spatula to each, 50 of them going to my nipples. :( It was pretty horrible and the tops of my boobs are still really raw right now. Then Master had me run clothespins on my boobs, rib cage, pussy lips, etc and had a string running through the springs of each so I had to rip them all off at once after I had started writing this blog entry!! It was pure torture and it really pulled on my pussy lips and boobs pulling them off especially since there were clothespins in the spots where I had just beaten myself. :(

Master had decided with the new rules that I wouldn't be allowed a single normal meal anymore but I started throwing up last night for a few hours, it was really bad. Mostly from lack of nutrition and food I guess, so now Master is letting me eat a bit more normally for the next couple days as I recover. Thankfully, I still get a lovely bowl of drool cereal to snap me to my senses every morning lol.

P.S. Here's the link to my Master's blog about owning me...for a different perspective.



  1. this will be interesting to follow, thank you slutty's master for the update.

  2. It'll be fun reading about number 4 5 and 6 when they happen! Kinda want you to miss a day now lol. As always you are doing a great job slutty!