Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spread da Love


I talked to Master last night and we changed up the rules on eating a little. From now on I can take one normal meal daily if I want, but if I do I must have a meal of just dog food as well!

After that we got talking about the idea of me being mummified for like 24 hours completely deprived and helpless. He got me to talk to my roommate she might be able to cover me in the future by maybe feeding me or something or jut helping with the mummification if we do that. I just told her I like to be tied up lol...I wasn't like "yeah I'm a HUGE masochist". It's basically my ultimate turn on to be complete furniture...left for a couple days unable to move or hear or speak, just being beaten or fucked maybe at Master's convenience. :P

Later, I had forgotten to wear my penis gag I had to coat it in mayonnaise when I put in back in! So disgusting! :( Master had me bend over and fuck my ass for a few minutes while he was doing a paper for school so that reallly ass is really sore from the buttplug being in there so much! 

Not much else going on. I just want my Master to know how thankful I am for him keeping me, he's a great Master and he means a lot to me! :)

Adios for now,

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