Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4

Tonight Master had a big heart to heart and it was great....GREAT i tell you!

We don't do it barely ever and Master doesn't show his emotions much so it was a good talk to have.

I went all sappy and I know anyone that reads this sees that I'm horrible with blog updates but I really do care. It is an online relationship I know, but I really care for Master A LOT, like I actually almost started crying while we were talking. :P He's great to me and I appreciate the little things in life a lot more now that he owns me. I just wanted to tell him how much he means to me and that slavery is more to me than just "do this, do that" and he really makes me want to obey and please him which is why I wish I was there with him so I could see him smile at me and have all the motivation I'd ever need to serve him. :)

It's hard for me to hand over control to so much of my life and put a lot of faith in him but he's been amazing and I'm really happy things have worked out well so far. Hopefully, I'll be at his feet someday. :) He told me that I was giving him my greatest gift by giving my life and my body for him to use and own and I'm really glad he feels that way since like I said, he doesn't show his emotions much.

Oh, I should mention that the whole reason we started talking heart to heart was because I was ordered to show my roommate my tacked boobs lol. Reallllllly embarrassing!! But anyways, I was putting my penis gag back on as I went back to my room and saw myself in the bathroom mirror and it everything hit me, as cliche as that is. I looked really pathetic standing there naked with a plastic cock in my mouth and my body all tortured and in a way I felt ashamed inside but it's also so amazing be able to do this and that's really just the humiliation talking. Being a slave means the world to me, and I'm glad Master is my guide. :)


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