Sunday, February 1, 2009

Revisions - Feb.1

Daddy and I talked a lot today in the morning. We caught up at around 2am and discussed everything while sober. :P

Daddy decided that I should get the basics down of being a puppygirl first before really progressing and being tailored to his wants. He wants me the rules and lifestyle to be 2nd nature for me and I think it's a good idea.


1. I must respect Daddy at all times, as Master, Sir, or another term like that.

2. I may not give myself pleasure at anytime. Daddy's pleasure comes first and mine only comes when Daddy when Daddy has been pleasure first and even then only if he allows it.

3. All my possessions, space, and body belong to Daddy now. My room is now Daddy's room, my bed is his bed, my tits now his tits, etc. They will be referred to as such no matter what, I no longer own anything besides my cage.

4. I am not allowed clothes or to stand in Daddy's room at any time. I crawl, and remain naked at all times. I may only stand in Daddy's room to get something off a top shelf and must immediately return to my hands and knees.

5. I must spend 1 hour in my cage a day (is it the only possession I own, it is my personal space, Daddy wants me to grow to find it as a refuge or an escape somewhere I can go to relax).

6. I will post my blog every night if I am unable to for some reason I will inform Daddy asap that I was not able to.

7. I am not allowed to sleep in Daddy's bed, blankets and pillows are also forbidden unless given as a priviledge for obedience. I will sleep on the floor at the foot of Daddy's bed where a puppygirl should sleep.

8. I will wear a collar in Daddy's room at all times.

9. I am no longer allowed hot water for showers, it will be full cold no "warm" or "cool" I must also spend at least 5 minutes in the shower no "cheating"

10. I am allowed 3 meals a day, and 2 light snacks. They all must be eaten out of bowls except for meal and one snack.

11. Each night for 20 minutes before bed I will be leashed to my bed post with 2 feet of slack, while tied I will keep in mind the idea I'm like a puppy and leashed up when Daddy doesn't want me getting in trouble

12. I must relieve myself in my shower, squatting in it like a puppy. If I can't get to one then I must hold it, just like a puppy has to hold it until its owner gets home

PUNISHMENTS for each respective rule

1. Failure to show respect, talking back, or anything like that that he deems disrespectful.

2. Will result in spending an entire 24hr period with Daddy's vibe on high, since I like pleasure so much he'll force it out of me no matter where I go that day, followed by one week without any pleasure.

3. Failure to acknowledge that something belongs to Daddy (other than my cage, collar, or leash) results in denying its use for 1 week. No matter what it is. This also includes my toys.

4. Results in movement restrictions, severe long-term bondage, and public clothing restrictions.

5. Make up missed days doubling on following days, i.e. miss 2 days next two days I do the daily one hour plus 2 hours for each missed day

6. 3 Page report on subject of Daddy's choice with short due date, failure in that results in painful punishment

7. Cage sleeping for each night I did without permission

8. 3 hour kneeling followed by explanation of some thought about slave life that Daddy tells me to think about while kneeling

9. 1 hour cold temperature torture.

10. Meal restrictions.

11. Leashed for 3 hours a day.

12. To be determined will earn me 3 hours gagged with hot sauce on my tongue.

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