Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb.01 - Part II :O

As you can tell, I'm struggling with the concept of having a daily update. But do now fear, I'm getting up to speed. :P This is what Daddy and I did after he set the new rules & punishments.

I told Daddy I like panting like a dog and he decided that from now on, for every 10 minutes I'm in Daddy's room, I will attach a clothespin to my tongue that will keep me from having it in my mouth completely and forcing me to pant and drool.

Daddy then decided that besides my ass, cunt, tits, and mouth, I may refer to my other body parts as my own even though Daddy owns them.

After that, I was given the ultimatum of being able to use blankets and a pillow when I sleep on the floor but that I would have my buttplug in for a long undisclosed amount of time. I chose to go with no blankets. :P

I then referred to Daddy's ass as mine, and was punished with 24 hours plugged. :( I told Daddy I wanted to do something so he had me place a clothespin on each nipple, ballgag in, and left kneeling in the corner with my hands locked behind my head while he thought of something. When I told him I would wait impatiently, he added a vibe on low in Daddy's cunt to teach me patience. I would be badly punished if I came.

After about 15 minutes, Daddy came back. He had be tie each of Daddy's tits very tight and then tie a string to the center of the rope inbetween Daddy's tits. He then had me find a weight that's at least 15 pounds and I tied it to the string! It was very painful and the string I had used to tie Daddy's tits was really digging into my flesh and made it harder to breath. He then had me place the key to my handcuffs as far away from myself in my dorm as possible (my roomie was gone so her room was fair game too). Daddy then ordered me to turn my vibe on high, cuff my hands in front of myself, and then crawl on my hands and knees dragging the weight until I reached the key. He also wanted me to lay out a trail of clothespins to add to my body as I crawled towards the key; there had to be at least 30. When I reached the key I had 4 clothespins on my tongue, which was hanging out of my mouth as I panted, 5 on each lip, 2 on each nipple, 3 on each tied tit, and 6 distributed on my eyebrows and cheeks. I was rewarded with cumming once I found the key and uncuffed my hands. Once I came, I crawled back to my room and removed the clothespins. I had to keep Daddy's tits tied and weighted until I finished the last blog update I did.

I was allowed blankets and a pillow while I sleep by the foot of Daddy's bed that night. :)



  1. I'm proud of you for posting finally. You'll still be punished for not posting the one you were supposed to the other morning especially after I allowed you to wait til morning.

    You have been very obedient though slutty and for all those reading and wondering why slutty hasn't been posting a lot she thought I had left her. I was hospitalized and wasn't able to inform her and so we went a while without communication. But all is well now, I'm back to full health and slutty has been informed that she must try to post daily but if she can't then every other day is acceptable. Any longer than that and she will be severely punished and it will of course be blogged about here for all of you to enjoy.

  2. this is so boring not getting post to read

  3. Hi roadrunner,

    I'm sorry the updates aren't consistent, but it's mostly since I have school too so it's hard to get it done nightly. That said, if you find it boring then don't read. I hope some people find it entertaining and if you don't then that's ok. I appreciate any readers or comments, but like I said...if you find it boring then don't read.