Friday, February 20, 2009



I'm verrry sorry to everyone that reads. This has been so pathetic. And I apologize for not being a good slave to Master.

As you can tell by the blog updates or lack there of, Master and I lost contact for a few days. I sent him an email and was on some but we just couldn't coordinate anything. Again though, I failed to keep up. Master wasn't sure whether to keep me as his slave, and only decided last night that he did. 

I followed my rules well while Master and I weren't communicating and the week rules were just brutal. I really missed talking to Master and the rules felt so empty not talking to him. Even now, I can't sit down properly so I guess that's a testament to how brutal Master's rules were. The beatings got ridiculous part way through and my boobs were badly tortured too. The beating side of things made it feel like real torture - kidnap style or something. I've never been so physically abused and in pain in my life!! I spent my nights in my cramped cage and I'm quite sore from that, not to mention that sleeping inside it meant squishing my boobs into my thighs which was ridiculously painful after beating them! :( The drool cereal I've been having has been disgusting, the bubbly spit is THE worst lol. But yeah, just eww. 

My week of torture and everything is over and it's a good thing it is. The public side of things was bad too. Wearing only skirts was really embarrassing considering the time of year and my butt didn't have much protection for when I sat down in class. :( I got a LOT of dirty looks from older people and wayy too much attention for my slutty outfits, it made me want to just crawl in a hole and hide lol! Really humiliating...I could tell people were judging me and I just looked ridiculous a lot of the time. 

More to come....I wish Master wasn't gone for the weekend! :(

P.S. Thank you so so much to anyone who still wants to read!! I promise it'll be good lol, if I mess up again Master's kicking my ass to the curb lol.


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