Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mr. Sadistic

Hi, Master and I recently decided to have a week where he went extreme on my submissive ass and then I basically got the next week off. I wanted him to be more cruel and stuff, and thought he was bluffing when he said it would be so we landed on this.

I'll post the week's rules in a minute. Master started off today by tying my boobs really tight and adding 20 clothespins to each! :( After that, my penis gag was put in my mouth and it's getting verry sore at this point as I must wear it almost all the time over the next week. 

Master left a few hours ago and had me kneel in the corner for an hour with my knees spread, facing into sharp pencils (since I was complaining about sore knees) and with extra clothespins on my inner thighs and armpits. I also had a vibrator in my butt on medium, which was the worst part. I was pretty excited when I got into position and ended up cumming twice in the hour long I guess I'm going to be punished. I knew I was going to cum over the hour!!

That's it for now, just a quick update. I got to take off my thigh and armpit clothespins after my kneeling but my boobs are still bound and pinned and have turned a nice shade of purple. :( I really hope he gets back before they burst, not to mention breathing is not so easy now. I've sat in my cage since my kneeling and will continue to be caged like an animal until Master returns.


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  1. Such a naughty puppy cumming with a vibrator up your bum!! I hope your next update comes soon because waiting each day to find out what happens to you feels like forever!