Friday, January 30, 2009

Redeeming Myself

Hi anyone reading!

Once again, I've just been horrible with updates and I spoke to Master tonight since we haven't talked in a bit and he almost disowned me. I swear I'm turning this into a soap opera! I'm going to be punished harshly tomorrow and I deserve it, at this point if I don't keep up with my blog and my rules, then I will be disowned so I've got to get it together. 

I really love being a slave and Master, even when mad has been really nice and good to me and I feel really bad that I keep fucking up. So from now on I'll be updating nightly when at all possible (imagine that!) and umm I hope anyone is still willing to read my pathetic story lol. I'm half drunk right now....hope this is coherent. I'm going to be a good girl for Master, and I hope there are still a couple people that read this! If you do, then please comment and humiliate me if you want, I deserve it. Master told me that I've almost failed at being a slave, which is truly pathetic. Goooodnight! xox


1 comment:

  1. What a naughty puppy you've been! I would be sad if your blog went, i've enjoyed reading it so i do hope your master ups your punishments - maybe starting with a larger butt plug - and you try and behave more!