Saturday, January 10, 2009


I've made some mistakes and Master has already punished me 4 times. His punishments are quite harsh but they force me to learn from my mistakes. I'm in my cage right now typing this. My hands are through the front bars, handcuffed as well while I type. I'm not allowed to take out my buttplug until Tuesday, but if Master think's I've learned from my mistakes I will be allowed to take it out and will be let out of my cage. If I fail, I must sleep plugged in my small cage! :( 

1. My first punishment was cumming without permission. I couldn't resist from cumming with my vibe in me but Master hadn't given me permission. I was punished by drooling in my bowl for several hours while Master left me in solitude for a couple hours, then i had to eat cereal with the bowl-full worth of drool serving as my milk. I had to eat it like a dog as well and it was disgusting! I never want to do that again, I will try my absolute best to refrain from cumming without Master's permission. The rule is important because I'm nothing but property, and Master's pleasure and amusement is important not mine. I don't deserve to feel pleasure unless Master thinks that I have earned it. 

2. My second punishment was for disrespecting Master. I did not refer to him properly a couple times, so I was left gagged for most of the day as punishment. My jaw was very sore when Master finally decided to ungag me. I love the gag but long terms tough and referring to my Master properly is not asking much of me so I've learned my lesson. I wish I hadn't made such a dumb mistake in the first place! It's a very fair rule because my Master deserves that respect and I need to better learn my place.

3. My buttplug is in until Tuesday because I was bad and took it out before my Master instructed. I wasn't sure if I could, so I did because my bum was really sore. I still have 2 days to go and my butt is very very sore. I've learned now to only listen to my Master's word and not just finish if I'm not sure. It is a good rule because I have to just listen to my Master and assume nothing. I really shouldn't think for myself in these situations ha. 

4. I didn't update this blog for 2 days and Master's punishment was to have only cold showers for 3 days! Cold showers are horrible, I'm not looking forward to those. I've definitely learned my lesson because I enjoy doing this blog and the humiliation of it too, so I need to not do this again. I think the rule is fair because I simply updating my blog regularly is not a tough task.


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  1. Yikes. I know what most masters are like but yours seems like a bitch !! I hope he reads this.