Saturday, January 24, 2009



My laptop and I suck. My apologies to readers and Master.

I'm wayyy behind. I missed a couple entries and was punished but until tonight, hadn't talked to Master since the 15th/16th (?) because my laptop died :( 5 bucks says it was limewire! :P 

Anyways...I've been trying to follow orders as well as I could without a computer so I ate most of my meals like a dog and slept on the floor. Much of my last week was spent doing work, I had to catch up on schoolwork a bit. :( I really need to invest in knee padsI was sickish one night and slept on my bed lol, not a good decision. I'm typing this from my cage with my penis gag and buttplug in, and my punishment is sleeping in my cramped cage. :( I talked to Master a few hours ago and was left caged while he was out partying like a normal person lol. I was allowed to use the washroom once but ate while I was out of my cage, so Master was angry about that...I'm NOT good with gray areas! :P I've probably hit the backspace button 5000 times so far...can't type well with arms cuffed through bars! 

Since I've made a few mistakes, Master has made a new rule to help me understand that I'm just an object for his amusement. He said that if he wants my buttplug in or wants me caged, I'm not allowed to remove it or do anything until he gives me permission. He also wants me wearing my buttplug 24/7 until I am given permission to remove it! :( My butt is already sore so hopefully Master will not make it too long term. 

Thank you to any readers!! I hope my writing is at least somewhat amusing :)


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  1. Haha, those things like limewire are no good. i'm pretty sure thats what killed my last laptop.

    how bigs your plug?