Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11th

Woof Woof!

This is going to be a short post because I didn't talk to Master all day :( I got up late and between seeing friends and partying tonight back at my college residence, I ate almost all of my meals like a dog. I mentioned that at rez I can lock my door, so I have great I can eat on my own schedule (or Master's) versus my parent's. I had fajitas at home before going back to rez (omg delish!) and I had to munch out of my doggie bowl for the rest of the night. My knees have gotten a bit raw from being on my knees and sometimes I really wish I had privilege to stand in my room, but I'm getting better at putting that in the back of my mind and being content with my submission. I want to make Master proud. The more I've done this and talked with Master has made me view myself as a dog than a human being at times, and it's amazing! I am so in love with this lifestyle :)

The worst part of today was that I had to endure a cold shower in the morning. :( Master had made it clear that I was not allowed to get out of it by taking a very fast shower, turning it to only moderately cold, or standing out of the way of the water. So I basically froze for 15 minutes. Maybe it wasn't THAT bad but it was very very cold and I was shivering and cursing to myself the whole time. 

Told you it would be short! I hope any readers can see a bit of a transformation...from girl to dog ha! Luvs :)



  1. hmm where is Mon and Tue posts. I think someone is falling behind

  2. Good little journal, will be keeping up with these!

  3. Brrrrr, cold showers are no fun.

    and i agree with roadrunner, seems like someone is falling behind on updates

    shame shame

  4. This is her Master.

    She had computer trouble for a while and wasn't able to update. She did fall behind a few days and was punished for it. But she's back now and hopefully is learning her lesson.

    Previously her punishment for failing to write was 1 cold shower the first day and the number added would be doubled each consecutive day so 2 the second day 4 the third 8 the 4th and so on...

    For failing to write even after given direct orders to do so she's lost all hot water privilages until I decide she's learned her lesson.