Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Days as a slave

It has been 2 weeks since Master first took ownership of me. Since then, I have served him online and learned a lot about being a good slave. Master started off by setting rules that I now live by. For example, I am not allowed to touch myself without Master's permission. I can no longer sleep in my bed unless Master grants that priviledge. I sleep on the floor with a pillow and blankets naked because I'm just property and I haven't earned such priviledges. I refer to him as Master as a sign of respect. 

In serving Master, I'm just as much of a pet as I am a slave. He gave me a pet name "Slutty" and set rules no that I am not allowed to stand or wear clothes in my bedroom. I now eat and drink like a dog as well. When Master allows me to eat, I get on my elbows and knees and eat with my hands on the floor. It is very degrading but that's why I like it; eating is usually a very messy experience now! I have my own ballgag, penis gag, buttplug, vibe and regularly use clothespins, handcuffs, and tape too. I have my buttplug in a lot and am slowly getting better at tolerating it. The first time I put it in I practically cried! 

Master knows that I enjoy drooling so I often wear my ballgag. A couple nights ago, as a punishment, I was left alone for a few hours on all fours while bound and plugged. I had a bowl under my mouth and by the time Master came back, the bowl was almost full with drool! Unfortunately, that meant eating cereal with the drool serving as my milk! It was disgusting, so I learnt my lesson. I also have a cage hidden away in my dorm, and Master sometimes will leave me in my cage plugged, gagged, cuffed and with my vibe on high or medium setting. Getting in the cage is a tight fit, and the vibe makes me want to move and struggle, only to knock the cage on its side! 

I've been quite obedient so far today. I slept on the floor as ordered, and have eaten like a dog. I've still got some marks from sleeping on the floor, and my butt feels like it's about to burst from the plug but I hope that Master will remove it soon! I have been punished a bit recently because I have not done well in holding back from cumming and I had forgotten to email him on a couple occasions. Thankfully, I haven't had to endure any cold showers so it could be worse!



  1. Davros from getDare here. Awesome blog, deffinately gunna keep up with these entries.

  2. Hi :) Your comment is my only proof that anyone reads this, so thank you very much! I will of course continue regardless, but never be shy to mock, question, or joke about my entries and life as a slave.

  3. Your master should have you start using dildos up the ass. It's a great punishment (trust me) and more effective that a buttplug. Also- two dildos (ass and cunt) all day is good, two vibes all day, having to 'accidently' leave a naked picture of yourself lying around where someone could find it, having to assfuck yourself while riding another dildo or a vibe...the list is endless.